David R. Francis Quadrangle

Columbia, MO 65211

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Outdoor, Historical

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Clayton L. (MU-Student) Boessen

Clayton L. (MU-Student) Boessen left a positive review 9/10/2015

Everything was excellent.

Julia C. (MU-Student) Witthaus

Julia C. (MU-Student) Witthaus left a negative review 5/7/2014

First off, why does there have to be a speaker? It's not like anyone can hear anything over the yelling. Then we had no idea where to find the beer. Once I did, the line was so long I was I unable to get a beer because I needed to get on the road to my sister's graduation and it would be at least 30 minutes before I got through. So I left and shredded the ticket I got. I might as well just did it some other time with fewer people. I hated the experience.