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Biochemistry Seminar - Rene Cortese, PhD

University of Missouri “Impact of gestational sleep apnea in the metabolic phenotype and epigenome of the offspring”

3/5 1pm
Biochemistry Seminar Series, Lijun Rong, PhD

University of Illinois – Chicago “Small molecule entry inhibitors against emerging viruses: Mechanism and therapeutics”

3/12 1pm
Biochemistry Seminar Series, Guowei Wei, PhD

Michigan State University “Math and AI studies of COVID-19”

3/26 1pm
Biochemistry Seminar Series, David Veesler, PhD

University of Washington, Seattle “SARS-CoV-2 structure-based vaccine design”

4/9 1pm
Biochemistry Seminar Series  Hong Li, PhD

Florida State University “Molecular Mechanisms and Applications of RNA-guided Enzymes”

4/16 1pm

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