Deciphering Data Privacy

Wednesday, November 18, 2020 11:00am to 1:45pm

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The Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute, in partnership with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, invite you to join our virtual event, "Deciphering Data Privacy," on Wednesday, November 18, at 11 a.m. central time.

Privacy is a paramount issue of our time; one made even more urgent during a pandemic when so many aspects of our lives are mediated through technology.

In our workplaces. In our schools. In our social interactions. And in so many areas of our day-to-day, we are being observed and our data is being collected, sometimes for the collective good—but more often for private profit.

Privacy is also a complex issue, one that intertwines a range of high-level expertise—engineering, design, governance and the law—with our deeply held notions of social responsibility and individual freedom.

RJI and EFF believe journalists can help the public better understand what's happening and what's at stake with data privacy. Through that public accountability, we also believe journalists can play a critical role in revamping the incentive structures driving the technology industry's incentive structures and building greater trust.

Together in conversation with journalists, technologists and privacy experts, we will unpack the messages and the mechanisms surrounding data privacy and develop strategies for more effective coverage around this important issue.

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