Keys to Soil Health Workshop - Albany

Monday, July 21, 2014 9am to 3pm

1109 S. Birch St. Albany, MO, 64402
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You can unlock the secrets within the soil and improve crop yields by learning the key ingredients to managing soil at the Keys to Soil Health Advanced Workshop.

This workshop will give basic knowledge of how soil works and how management practices affect the services that soil provides. Knowing the secrets to your soil will help you determine the practices that best fit your farm and your management goals.

Topics Include: 
-Integration of livestock and cover crops 
Rotational grazing effects on soil health
Developing cover crop mixes and adjusting rotations to utilize cover crops 
Soil health testing benefits and procedures: Bring two dried soil samples to analyze, one fence row and one field 
Cost to benefit ratios of management practices to improve soil health 
Farming to improve organic matter and soil water retention 
Improving crop nutrient availability through improvement of soil health

Registration is required and should be made by contacting Jill Staples at 573-239-2179 or by email at

More information about the workshop can be found at Bradford Research Center’s new website at 

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