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Professor Richard Reuben will be doing mindfulness workshops for four weeks beginning next Wednesday, September 21.  The workshops will cover the following topics:


Week 1 (Wed. 9/28): Introduction to mindfulness and concentration practice (Students - Participation in Week 1 of this event qualifies for 1 Cultural Competence/Wellness Credit)


Week 2 (Wed. 10/5): Awareness practice


Week 3 (Wed. 10/12): Mantra practice


Week 4 (Wed 10/19): Mindfulness in everyday life, especially law school and law school exams.


The workshops will be open to everyone in the building, students, faculty and staff.  They will take place at 5 pm on Wednesdays in Room 332A on the days noted.


Mindfulness has been found to help law students manage stress and improve performance. In a 2019 study of first-year MU law students, researchers found that ILs who took a mindfulness training in the 8 weeks before fall semester finals were less stressed, better focused, and happier heading into exams than they were midway through the semester.  Richard C. Reuben and Kennon Sheldon, Can Mindfulness Help Law Students With Stress. Focus, and Well-Being? An Empirical Study of 1Ls at a Midwestern Law School, 48 SW. L. Rev. 241 (2019).

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