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April 7th | 2pm-3pm

                N214A Memorial Union or ZOOM


Join us forBioinspired Materials and Structures for Tissue Engineeringa keynote presentation by Dr. Syam Nukavarapu, College of Engineering MizzouForward faculty candidate.  Dr. Nukavarapu will present on his research for 40-minutes with a 20-minute question and answer session to follow.


Dr. Syam Nukavarapu is an Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Connecticut (UConn). He holds joint appointments in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, UConn, and the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, UConn Health. He received a Ph.D. from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, and held post-doctoral positions at Lehigh University, PA, and University of Virginia, VA. He leads the Tissue Engineering Science and Technology Laboratory (TEST Lab) at UConn, and his research interests include biomaterials, engineered grafts, and tissue engineering. His research programs have been continuously supported by NIH and NSF for more than a decade. Dr. Nukavarapu has authored over eighty original articles, book chapters, and invited opinion articles/reviews. He co-edited a textbook on tissue engineering, MRS symposium proceedings on bioinspired materials and structures, and a special issue on the topic of “Future of Biomaterials.” He serves on the editorial boards of major journals in the field, including Biomaterials, Bioactive Materials, and Tissue Engineering. Dr. Nukavarapu has been an active member of BMES, SFB, and MRS, and led/participated in several scholarly, educational, and mentorship activities.


Successful tissue regeneration strategies utilize biomaterials and structures with a variety of cues to modulate cell behavior and healing. The ongoing research efforts of Dr. Nukavarapu’s team include the design of novel structures and bioinspired materials to repair and regenerate large-gap and complex tissue defects. Their research programs include the development of (i) Large-area bone regeneration: a two-pronged approach utilizing oxygen-tension-controlled matrices along with the bone- and blood vessel-forming cell synergy for vascularized bone engineering; (ii) Bone-cartilage interface formation: complex structures with local micro-structural and biomaterial stiffness control for interfacial tissue engineering; and (iii) Biomimetic 3D printing: bioprinting of decellularized matrices to closely mimic native ECM in composition and function. These efforts aim to understand the role of physical and chemical cues in regulating cell behavior in vitro and tissue formation in various animal models. During his presentation, he will share basic science and engineering aspects of their findings on the aforementioned topics and summarize the ongoing innovative applications of these materials in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.


You can access Dr. Nukavarapu’s CV via OneDrive here:

​pdf icon Prof. Nukavarapu_CV.pdf  (University log in required to access)


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