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Our Fall 2021 MIZZOU Virtual Health Professions & Nursing Career & Opportunities Fair will provide an opportunity for students to connect with representatives from companies, graduate/professional programs and volunteer organizations excited to recruit MU Health Professions and Nursing students. Our fair is for undergraduate (all class levels), graduate and professional students that are seeking a full-time job, internship, part-time experience or volunteer opportunity in healthcare. Students in other academic programs are also welcome to participate.


This virtual fair is hosted, in partnership, with a virtual career fair vendor called "Career Fair Plus". Virtual career fairs are online 'events' that allow employers and students to meet in virtual environments such as through voice calls or video chat rooms, and offer a number of advantages to both students and employers! Students benefit by saving valuable time which can be used on employer research and practicing elevator pitches. Moreover, students have the opportunity to meet with a wider range of employers, some of whom may not typically attend an all-day on-site event. We will be working with Career Fair Plus to host our upcoming virtual career fair, to create an intuitive, user-friendly experience for students and employers.
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To get started, download the Career Fair Plus app via Apple or Google Play to review recruiting organizations, complete your profile, and upload your resume. To access the web version of the app, go to


In the Career Fair Plus app, search for the Fall 2021 VIRTUAL Health Professions & Nursing Career & Opportunities Fair, set up your profile, upload your resume, and schedule appointments with employers once they have published their schedules online.