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The Reynolds Journalism Instistute & Tiny News Collective founders will be presenting on their newsrooms work and missions. After they present, there will be the opportunity to meet, chat and enjoy some light lunch with the founders. 


Four Points Media, serving the Crow Indian Reservation and the area surrounding Crow Agency, Montana. Named for the four foundation poles of a traditional Crow teepee — which in turn represent the four corners of the historic range of Crow land — founder Luella Brien seeks to report representative and in-depth news that rises above the historically limited and stereotyped coverage of her community.


The Optimist, based in St. Michael, Minnesota. The Optimist covers the rural regions of the state known as Greater Minnesota, specializing in “solutions journalism” that not only explores society’s issues but prioritizes investigating potential answers. Founder Nora Hertel sees this approach as key to battling “news fatigue.”


The People’s Beat in Charleston, South Carolina. Co-founded by Mika Gadsden, Fernando Soto Gaulden and Brandon Silvers, The People’s Beat produces accessible news for Black and Brown communities in Charleston. Pooling the efforts and resources of the three co-founders, the organization creates bilingual news and media, covers underrepresented groups such as women of color and undocumented immigrants, and aims to not only inform but empower their community.

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