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Population, Education, and Health Seminar Series

The Same Separate? Race, Ethnicity, and Discrimination in the United States and Japan

2/22 12:30pm
Who Freed Whom? How the Real History of Emancipation Matters

Historian David Roediger challenges popular conceptions holding that white political leaders and troops simply “gave freedom” to the enslaved during and...

2/23 6pm
Dr. Eve Louise Ewing

Reading and book signing with Dr. Eve Ewing, whose research focuses on racism, social inequality and urban policy and the impact on the lives of young...

2/27 6pm
TSPA Seminar Series

The Truman School of Public Affairs Seminar Series features faculty and doctoral students who are on the job market from the University of Missouri to share...

3/2 12pm
Population, Education, and Health Seminar Series

Mental Health Care Utilization: Results from the 1997-2012 NHIS-MEPS Data Linkage

3/8 12:30pm

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Heather Tearney

Heather Tearney posted a photo 9/21/2017

Heather Tearney

Heather Tearney posted a photo 9/21/2017

Susan Groshong

Susan Groshong left a positive review 9/17/2014

very informative

Barbara D. Jones

Barbara D. Jones left a positive review 5/24/2016

The food was great, good to see many friends, liked that management severed, loved all the free stuff. I have only been here 1 year so this was the from one I attended, can't wait for next year.

Kristi K. Perry

Kristi K. Perry left a review 5/24/2016

The pork was delicious, but as I am trying to reduce carbs (for health issues), I asked for it without a bun. The serving was barely 1.5 X 3.5 inches. Since the rest of the food was basically a carb fest, it's just as well that all the servings were small. I understand portion control, but they bordered on stingy and the quality was good, but not great. Another vegetable selection would have been nice. I'm sorry, but coleslaw is a poor choice if it's your only vegetable. The dressing has too much oil and/or sugar and slaw is too often the only option. Obviously I'm not a vegetarian, but if I was the menu options were seriously underwhelming.

Dave T. Irovic

Dave T. Irovic left a positive review 5/24/2016

Fun time!

Connie S. Taylor

Connie S. Taylor left a positive review 5/24/2016

I would love to know where they purchased the black bean burgers, or is there a receipe for them. If someone could get back to me on this i would appreciate it. The luncheon was great!!

Becky L. Hinshaw

Becky L. Hinshaw left a positive review 5/24/2016

It was very good! I had the pork tenderloin and it was yummy! It was nice to be able to go to campus, have lunch and visit with people that i don't get to see as i work off campus!

Jan E. Judy March

Jan E. Judy March left a positive review 5/24/2016

This was the place to go for a great lunch. Thank all of you for coming and making it a great success.

GeJuan Cochran

GeJuan Cochran left a positive review 5/24/2016

Very organized with many lines to take care of serving. Good food, good location, good time with friends. Attended Arts & Crafts Showcase after lunch.