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Engaging and Valuing All Learners: The Power of Universal Design for Learning

Universal design for learning (UDL) is a framework to connect students with the “why,” “what,” and “how” of learning. It promotes an equitable, flexible...

French Conversation Hour

Come join the Francophone Conversation Hour! Open to all: from native speakers to French language learners to community members. We meet in the Student...

9/16 11am
Entrepreneur Quest Workshops

Mizzou Students: Bring Your Business Idea to Life! You can fast track your venture by participating in the University of Missouri System's new Entrepreneur...

9/16 6pm
Off Campus Bascis

Come learn about finding the right housing option for you! We'll discuss leasing terminology, renter's rights and responsibilities, moving in and out, and...

9/18 4:30pm

HRDC Meeting for Human Resource Services to explain new HR policy and procedures as well as review changes that affect the way information is processed for...

9/19 1:30pm

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tearneyk posted a photo 9/21/2017


tearneyk posted a photo 9/21/2017

Susan Groshong

Susan Groshong left a positive review 9/17/2014

very informative

Barbara D. Jones

Barbara D. Jones left a positive review 5/24/2016

The food was great, good to see many friends, liked that management severed, loved all the free stuff. I have only been here 1 year so this was the from one I attended, can't wait for next year.

Kristi K. Perry

Kristi K. Perry left a review 5/24/2016

The pork was delicious, but as I am trying to reduce carbs (for health issues), I asked for it without a bun. The serving was barely 1.5 X 3.5 inches. Since the rest of the food was basically a carb fest, it's just as well that all the servings were small. I understand portion control, but they bordered on stingy and the quality was good, but not great. Another vegetable selection would have been nice. I'm sorry, but coleslaw is a poor choice if it's your only vegetable. The dressing has too much oil and/or sugar and slaw is too often the only option. Obviously I'm not a vegetarian, but if I was the menu options were seriously underwhelming.

Dave T. Irovic

Dave T. Irovic left a positive review 5/24/2016

Fun time!

Connie S. Taylor

Connie S. Taylor left a positive review 5/24/2016

I would love to know where they purchased the black bean burgers, or is there a receipe for them. If someone could get back to me on this i would appreciate it. The luncheon was great!!

Becky L. Hinshaw

Becky L. Hinshaw left a positive review 5/24/2016

It was very good! I had the pork tenderloin and it was yummy! It was nice to be able to go to campus, have lunch and visit with people that i don't get to see as i work off campus!

Jan E. Judy March

Jan E. Judy March left a positive review 5/24/2016

This was the place to go for a great lunch. Thank all of you for coming and making it a great success.

GeJuan Cochran

GeJuan Cochran left a positive review 5/24/2016

Very organized with many lines to take care of serving. Good food, good location, good time with friends. Attended Arts & Crafts Showcase after lunch.