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One Read Symposium Flyer

All incoming, first-year Honors College students are expected to read the selected book (Friday Black) over the summer and then, during Welcome Week,...

8/19 1:30pm
Donuts with the Director

Come meet the new Honors College Director Dr. Catherine Rymph!

8/20 9am
Honors Unlimited: Documenting a Pandemic as it Unfolded: MU Students' Experiences of COVID-19 in Fall 2020 with Dr. Enid Schatz

Fall 2020 reshaped the college experience and had a huge impact on student life. Using data from a variety of sources (a survey, participant observation,...

9/2 12pm
Honors Unlimited: COVID and Carbon Dioxide: Can the World’s Pandemic Response Inform our Understanding of the Dangers of Climate Change? with Dr. Steven Keller

The short answer is, “It should, but I’m not optimistic.”  We’ll explore some longer answers by comparing the actions of the scientific community, the rise...

11/4 12pm
Honors Unlimited: The MU Student Army Training Corps and the 1918 Flu with Dr. Carolyn Orbann

The Student Army Training Corps was a national program instituted in the Fall of 1918 at colleges and universities across the country to help train future...

2/3/2022 12pm

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