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Concerned about the “proliferation of falsehoods,” at least two Supreme Court Justices want the Court to reconsider the landmark New York Times v. Sullivan decision and its protections of media outlets. This symposium brings together experts in both law and journalism to forecast potential changes to the Court’s jurisprudence, defamation law, and journalism.  

What should we expect from the Supreme Court? What possible legal responses, in terms of common law and statutory creativity, might we see in the wake of a Supreme Court decision restricting or eliminating Sullivan’s expansive protections for free expression?” How will newsroom practices change if, for example, the public figure doctrine is narrowed, or the actual malice standard is changed? Will we see distinctive issues related to social media?  

The ALI’s Restatement (Third) of Torts: Defamation Law is currently in progress: if the Court limits Sullivan’s protections, how should that affect the Restatement (Third)’s content? In addition to Sullivan’s future, what other issues should the reporters consider and address?  

Please join the Missouri Law Review, the University of Missouri School of Law and the Reynolds Journalism Institute for these discussions crucial to our democracy. 

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