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The Nonprofit Board Servant Leader: A Quantitative Analysis of Servant Leadership Behavior in Nonprofit Board Presidents, Using Liden’s Global Servant Leadership Scale

The purpose of this quantitative study was to fill the gap in the current body of research regarding servant leadership behavior and nonprofit board president leadership behavior. Using Liden’s (2008, 2015) Global Servant Leadership Scale, a survey was administered to chief staff officers (n = 133) of nonprofit organizations, asking respondents to reflect on the behavior traits of their nonprofit’s board president. Findings suggest board presidents do exhibit Liden’s dimensions of servant leadership behavior (emotional healing, creating community value, conceptual skills, empowering, helping others grow and succeed, putting others first, and behaving ethically). Presidents score highest in exhibiting behaving ethically and empowering and score lowest in putting others first and helping others grow and succeed. Significant difference was found related to geographic scope and the behavior of city/local board presidents and those of inter/national organizations in the dimensions of creating community value, putting others first, and behaving ethically. Additionally, significant difference was found in the dimension of conceptual skills between nonprofit board presidents age 40 to 55 and those age 56 to 75 years old.

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Committee Members: Dr. Tim Wall (Dissertation Supervisor), Dr. Carole Edmonds, Dr. Dan Gordon, and Dr. Nissa Ingraham

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