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There are hundreds of researchers at Mizzou, each working on important and interesting research and creative projects. Besides googling websites, how do you find out about what all these people are studying? Let us introduce you to some of these folks!

In this series of panel discussions, Exploring Research Communities @ Mizzou will bring together a small group of Mizzou faculty who work on a similar topic, but approach it from very different directions. Faculty will discuss their research topics and what students in their labs might expect.

In this panel, the unifying theme is ‘cancer,’ and we will be joined by:

  • Carolyn Anderson, Chemistry, research area: diagnostic imaging and targeted radionuclide therapy of cancer
  • Jeffrey Bryan, Veterinary Medicine, research area: veterinary oncology 
  • Chiswili Yves Chabu, Biological Sciences, research area: cell-cell communication during tumor progression
  • Stephanie Knollhoff, Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences, research area: cancer-related communication, swallowing and feeding
  • Guangfu Li, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology, research area: immunotherapy
  • Jon Stemmle, School of Journalism, research area: health and science communication

Join us via Zoom by clicking this link to join the session:

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