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Three Mizzou graduate students involved in the Science on Wheels program will share their research in this Saturday Morning Science session.

Speaker 1: Elli Castonguay
Field: Civil and Environmental Engineering
Title: "Re-use of Waste Products to Treat Mining Pollution"
Summary: Missouri has a long history of lead and zinc mining that has left the state with chronic heavy metal pollution. There is a need for sustainable, cost-effective materials to remove contamination and minimize health risks to both humans and ecosystems. My research focuses on evaluating a waste product of beer production, called brewer’s spent grain, for its potential to clean up water systems and meet the needs of these affected communities.

Speaker 2: Teja Teppala
Field: Astronomy
Title: Why don't we see solar eclipses often?
Summary: Solar eclipses happen only at the new moon phase when the Moon is between Earth and the Sun. Have you ever wondered why we don't see them every month? Find out why, in this hands-on presentation.

Speaker 3: Shawn Thomas
Field: Plant Biology
Title: Duplications drive diversity in plants
Summary: Gene and genome duplications are mechanisms that provide raw material for novel traits and adaptation. In this presentation, I will go over the mechanisms of duplication and how plants have leveraged them for their own purposes.

Saturday Morning Science is not your typical science lecture. Expect to be entertained while learning and want to come back for more. Saturday Morning Science is free and open to the public. No science background is required and all ages are welcome. 

All events take place at Ragtag Cinema and begin at 10 am. 

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