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Join us for Interplays of Metabolism and Inflammation in Obesity and Metabolic Diseases.” A keynote presentation by Dr. Chaodong Wu, College of Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources – Nutrition & Exercise Physiology,  MizzouForward faculty candidate.  Dr. Wu will present on his research for approximately 40-minutes with a 20-minute question and answer session to follow.



We are pleased to welcome Dr. Chaodong Wu who is currently a Professor, Texas A&M AgriLife Research Faculty Fellow, and Presidential Impact Fellow in College Station, TX. Dr. Wu completed his MD in Medicine at Hubei University of Chinese Medicine (Wuhan), China. He obtained his Master of Medical Science from Tongji Medical University (Wuhan), China and his PhD from Beijing Medical University, China.


Obesity causes a wide variety of metabolic diseases such as steatotic liver diseases (SLD, formally non-alcoholic fatty liver disease), type 2 diabetes, and inflammatory cardiovascular disease. These diseases are major threats to human health and attributable to unhealthy nutrition-associated inflammation. As such, Dr. Wu’s career goal in research is to elucidate the interaction between nutrient metabolism and inflammation so that evidence-based novel approaches can be developed for preventing and/or treating these metabolic diseases. Dr. Wu’s areas of emphasis include inflammation, hepatology, integrative physiology, and metabolism. Dr. Wu’s current objectives are to identify the mechanisms by which diets modulate metabolic genes and/or inflammatory genes as it relates to the pathogenesis of obesity-associated steatohepatitis, insulin resistance, and type 2 diabetes, and to provide essential information for developing novel preventive and/or therapeutic approaches, i.e., natural plant extracts, bioactive foods, and/or pharmacological agents, for metabolic diseases. During his career, Dr. Wu has secured a significant amount of funding to support his research program. Specifically, Dr. Wu received grants exceeding $11.49 million, within which a total of $7.05 million was allocated to his programs since his appointment at TAMU. Dr. Wu’s major grants include four R01 grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Dr. Wu also has received multiple grants from the American Diabetes Association, the American Heart Association, and NIFA/USDA. Of note, over the past five years (since 2018), Dr. Wu has secured over $6.16 million, within which a total of $2.87 million was allocated to his programs. Also, Dr. Wu has published over 54 research articles since 2018. This record includes 2 articles in which Dr. Wu served as the PI from a total of 6 articles in Hepatology (a top-ranked scientific journal in hepatology with an Impact Factor of 17.298 as of 2021) and 2 articles in which Dr. Wu served as the PI in Gastroenterology (the best scientific journal in digestive disease with an Impact Factor of 33.833 as of 2021). While his research is truly impactful, Dr. Wu has an h-index of 45 and an i10-index of 109 (Google Scholar metrics as of August 2023). Since its publication in 2018, Dr. Wu’s Gastroenterology paper has been cited over 224 times (as of August 2023 by Google Scholar metrics). 


You can access Dr. Wu’s CV via OneDrive here:

​pdf icon Wu CV 2023 07 19.pdf (University log in required to access)


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