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Sign up for this 4 week yoga workshop where we will focus on a theme so you can observe your progress. We will start with relaxation breathing to center, gentle stretches to your spine and warm up your body, flow through various poses from balances to binds that activate different muscles, and close the end of your practice with a restorative savasana. Whether you are a first-timer or experienced yogi this class is for you. The instructor will offer modifications to match your level.

Join us for a yoga at various times and find the class that fits your schedule best. To prepare for class, set up for your home practice by:
• Identify a space (your bedroom, push the couch aside in the living room or roll your mat on the kitchen floor)
• Minimize distractions, turn your phone on silent or better yet put it in the other room
• Get your supplies. We recommend a mat, a light blanket or big towel, a strap and a block if you have them
• Log onto zoom and set up your device for easy viewing and hearing
• Invite your roommate or a friend to join you remotely

RSVP in Engage to receive the zoom link. The instructor will email you the link 24-48 hours before the class. Use the link for the entire workshop.

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