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This free webinar series is a year-long virtual space on Zoom that meets monthly on the topic of post qualitative inquiry and the doing of inquiry inspired by a range of post philosophies. Each session involves one or two international guests who have experience with inquiry approaches inspired by post philosophies such as posthumanism, poststructuralism, affect theories, feminist ‘new’ materialism, and postcolonialism. 

Each panelist will discuss the following:

  • How does your philosophical approach influence your ways of doing inquiry?
  • What does this philosophical approach make thinkable or possible for inquiry? (so how does your approach relate to more traditional practices such as literature reviews, data collection, analysis, and so forth)
  • What are your perspectives on methodology(ies) and/or methods? How do you envision that in your approaches to doing inquiry?
  • What mechanisms could be put in place at universities to help supervisors and/or committees support students doing post philosophy inspired ways of inquiring?

Invited guest speakers will discuss the philosophical approaches which underpin their practice and what this makes possible for doing inquiry, their perspectives on methodologies and ideas for assisting supervisors and students to engage in these kinds of research. The invited panelists also suggest several readings for webinar attendees to read prior to the webinar, although not required (see list of readings).


  • Webinars are on the third Thursday of the month (unless otherwise noted)
  • 9:30 am Central Standard Time in the U.S., 4:30pm Cape Town, SA time zones (unless otherwise noted)
  • 1 ½ hour duration with hosts interviewing the panelist(s) then time for questions from attendees
  • Zoom links will be added throughout the year

We invite faculty members and students to join this online learning space. Our goal is to record and make publicly available the webinars with permission from panelists.

See website for detailed information on speakers and zoom links.

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