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Collaborative Composing in an After-school Spoken Word Poetry Team
While there are many thriving communities of young writers collaborating as they compose, much of the research on writing focuses on individual authorship, processes, and products. Additionally, although sociocultural theories frame writing as more than a cognitive process, less attention has been paid to how writing is a multimodal, embodied act in which meaning emerges from lived experiences and can be represented in nontextual forms. Drawing from critical sociocultural approaches to writing and theories that position writing as embodied and multimodal, Andrea Vaughan will examine the collaborative composition of a spoken word group poem as one example of a larger research trajectory exploring writing across school, community, and family contexts. This presentation will discuss (1) how the focal poets collaboratively authored a group piece reflecting their unique perspectives and identities, including how they took up one another’s voices and negotiated (mis)representations of themselves and each other, and (2) how these poets drew from varied multiliterate resources, including their bodies, in their composing. This exploration of collaborative composing addresses an underexplored aspect of youth spoken word communities, and attending to this after-school space on the boundary of in- and out-of-school contributes to deeper understandings of the literacies of youth positioned as “struggling” within school. Implications will be explored for educators across in- and out-of-school contexts.
Presented by Andrea Vaughan
Candidate for Early Literacies Postdoctoral Fellow Position
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Thursday, April 15 at 11:00am to 12:00pm

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