Wassup! What About Me!

Thursday, September 16, 2021 2pm to 3pm

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Wassup!  What About Me!  Really helps you to identify as a Minority or any student who may be struggling with do I have a place here at MU and do I Matter?    It allows you to begin the process to reach in and decide what will you do for you?  Wassup! What About Me! Identifies stress factors that are unique as a student that.  Wassup!  What About Me!  pinpoints situational things that are easy to apply to your life, it reviews conversations that we speak to ourselves and how can we transition these not so good thoughts to positive. Wassup!  What About Me!  Reviews your personality traits and assists you in aligning with things that brings you joy and energy daily.   This program is offered by Kathleen Claxton from the Wellness Resource Center. RSVP is required!

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