Lowry Mall

38.945042382341434, -92.3264400607132

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Outdoor, Historical

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Emma M. (MU-Student) Timms

Emma M. (MU-Student) Timms left a positive review 5/5/2015

Had so much fun! Decorations were adorable and the venue was good for changing last minute

Sandra J. Snow

Sandra J. Snow left a positive review 9/16/2014

Free fire safety, personal safety education, and PIZZA!

Olivia M. (MU-Student) McKee

Olivia M. (MU-Student) McKee left a positive review 8/20/2014

Great movie!!!! Should've brought a chair though!

Zahra (MU-Student) Hajihashemi

Zahra (MU-Student) Hajihashemi left a positive review 9/26/2013

It was great. I really enjoyed. Thanks for all you hard work to make it happen.